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Searching For An Example Of A Critical Analysis Essay In Psychology

If you’re a psych major or taking a psych course, you’re probably a pro at looking for different kinds of essays. From case studies to the detailed analysis of psychological conditions and concepts, you probably feel like you’ve read them all. Searching for a critical analysis essay should be no problem at all. However, getting the search just right to yield the results that you want is the most important tool you possess to help you succeed.

First off, what is the subject of analysis? Is it medical? Psychoanalytical? More importantly, is it an area of study that would be featured in any of the bigger journals? If it is, all you need to do it just to skim through a couple and you’re bound to read a bunch. The downside to journals, where in print or online, is that they only have so much room in an issue. Because of this, there could be articles that didn’t make it for one reason or another, or maybe they were published some years ago.

If the traditional journal route didn’t quite lead to the critical analysis papers, an online search is your next best bet. Let’s quickly review some basic Boolean search operators:

If you’re more of a digital reader, be sure to check out online databases of essays and articles. There are many of them on the web and, through some careful searching, you can be sure to find any analytical articles you want. Within these databases, you can also usually search student essays as well. These should not be overlooked. Student essays, particularly bibliographies, can give you some pointers on where to look next in your search for articles and essays. If you’re very lucky, you’ll even come across an annotated bibliography. These are a gem in the world of bibliographies since they pretty much give you a quick rundown of the article, book or paper.