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Starting a Rhetorical Analysis Essay: Basic Recommendations

Even the most experienced writers find it difficult to write the introduction of an essay. Further, the introduction you give to your work determines its quality and sets the tone for the entire paper. This calls for a strong, deliberate and focused start. In fact, a lot of time is wasted deciding on how to start. This needs not be the case. Here is a simple way to begin your paper.

Understand the Assignment

Each type of paper follows a different set of instructions. As such, you must understand what is required of you by the teacher. Understand what the topic entails and the required length. This understanding will also give you an idea of where to look for materials. It is from the prompt that you will understand what is required and the approach you are supposed to give the assignment.


Brainstorming forms part of the prewriting exercise. It involves writing the ideas that come to mind when you think of the topic at hand. It is these ideas that confirm whether you have the materials to begin writing your paper. The ideas developed through brainstorming do not follow a logical sequence. List them as they emerge and do not pay a lot of attention to details. The details will emerge as you proceed with the writing process.

Create an Outline

An outline is a frame or structure that gives an idea of how the points will appear in your paper. Each type of academic paper follows a unique structure. Understand the structure required for the rhetorical analysis paper and create an outline. You may use samples to make your work easier. Samples of the paper can be obtained from such sources as:-

Ensure that the sample you get is of the best quality. Using low quality samples will affect the value of work you produce.

Introductory Sentence

Find the best way to introduce your rhetorical analysis essay. The options range from posing a question, providing background information, stating an interesting fact, making a revelation etc. The introductory remark should be captivating in a way that arouses curiosity. It is the remark that will motivate the reader to go through the entire paper.

Once you are ready, start writing your rhetorical analysis essay. The introduction does not have to be the first section you write. It can be written after completing the body since you understand the content of your paper better. Make it as captivating as possible.