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Sample Argumentative Essay Topics: 20 Ideas That Can Get You Inspired

To create a good argumentative topic, you need to be really passionate about the subject that you choose. The more interested you are in the issue, the better arguments you will bring. If you already have some knowledge, you can save some of the time you would use for research and dedicate it to create a complex, but an engaging essay. If you need some inspiration, take into consideration one of these ideas:

  1. 1. Recreational drugs. Are they actually beneficial? Apparently, even if the substance itself is not damaging, they can increase the risk of drugs consumption.
  2. 2. How important uniform is? There are many students who are discriminated because they don’t have a good financial status, and this can be prevented if all students wear the same uniform.
  3. 3. Should smoking be banned in public places? Smoking can affect non-smokers more than the ones that are actually smoking, so many countries don’t allow smoking in bars or restaurants.
  4. 4. The effect of violent video games over children. Exposing a young mind to violence can be really damaging and dangerous on the long term.
  5. 5. Beauty pageants for children. In some countries, these kind of competitions were made illegal because they are considered to be dangerous and unmoral.
  6. 6. Nutrition as a school subject. If we watch the concerning statistics regarding obesity in young people, it’s clear that we need some kind of nutritional education in schools.
  7. 7. Same-sex marriage. Is this normal? Some people seem to think that it can influence negatively young teenagers.
  8. 8. Allowing religion in schools. Express your opinion about this.
  9. 9. Free education. In some parts of the world, all education is free while in other regions parents need to load money from the bank to be capable to pay for university of their children.
  10. 10. The benefits of homework. Apparently, homework can bring more disadvantages than advantages.
  11. 11. Homeschooling. Many parents prefer this as an education alternative, but is it really more effective?
  12. 12. Multi-lingual children. Why is it better to teach small children more than one language?
  13. 13. Single parents adopting. Should they be allowed to adopt, since they can not provide a standard family?
  14. 14. Drinking age. In most of Europe, the legal age for drinking is 18 while in USA it’s 21.
  15. 15. Sexual education in schools. Could this prevent the transmission of STD’s?
  16. 16. Bullying. How can it be prevented and what are the effects on the long term?
  17. 17. When should teenagers be allowed to drive?
  18. 18. Present your favorite book and mention why you think it’s so great.
  19. 19. The importance of preserving wildlife.
  20. 20. The effects of excessive hunting on long term.