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7 Tricks That Can Help You Compose A Good Modern History Essay

When it comes to writing a modern history essay, there are a few things that can help you get it done. Here are seven tricks to composing a solid essay on modern history.

Choosing a Good Topic

A good history topic to write about deals with the events that have impacted America and the world today. Some things can be the great depression, 9/11, terrorists, or pangea. All you have to do is have a topic in related to past world events. The object is to have a better understanding of history, major players, or certain events.

  1. Create a T-chart
  2. A t-chart can be used as well. It will help you organize your data such as your facts or order of paragraph. Your facts will be put on the left side and the order of paragraphs in the other side.

  3. Make an outline
  4. Make sure you create an outline as one step to your success. All you need is a paper and a pen. First, you have to determine what you want to say, and then you decide what order you want to put it in.

  5. Creating the paragraphs
  6. When you are creating a paragraph, you will start with a topic sentence that explains what the rest of the paragraph will be about. Then you can discuss the evidence that supports the topic and the reasons behind it.

  7. The papers focus
  8. When you are developing your paper, you want to encourage a focus. For your body paragraphs you will need:

    • What event and when
    • What advantages did it have
    • How it impacted us
  9. Present a clear statement
  10. One other tip is to make a clear statement on what you're trying to say. Also you can include voice, opinions, inferences, conflict, and compare and contrast.

  11. Conclusion
  12. Your conclusion is important and will help you do three important things. It is the last chance you have to prove your point. It can do these things.

    • Overall sum up
    • What you learned
    • Thesis you used in the intro

    A conclusion will include these 3 requirements. To make the reader have more understanding have two big paragraphs to fully explain your topic.

These steps will help you with other essay as well and also will help you write an essay on world history, ancient history, and even industrial. This format of writing will help you with your next essay.