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20 Criminal Justice Essay Topic Ideas You Should Consider

If you are planning to pursue a career in justice, you have to study for many years. However, it is one of the most appreciated jobs, and most of the people who work in this field start gathering information since they are in high school. To take a criminal justice course is very helpful, and writing an essay for your course is not only informative, but also fun. You should consider these 20 topic ideas before you start writing:

  1. Death punishment. In some countries it is still applied for dangerous criminals. What do you think about this?
  2. Religion or law? Some regions apply religious rules instead of laws. Give some examples.
  3. Rehabilitation. It is indeed a long and difficult process, but it can save the life of many people.
  4. Crime prevention. What measures should be taken to educate the children in a good way?
  5. Surveillance cameras. In some places, there are cameras installed on every street. Do you think that this is a threat to privacy?
  6. Sex offenders. Can they join rehabilitation programs?
  7. Domestic violence. It is very common and many people avoid to discuss about it.
  8. Human traffic on the Internet. Is there any way to be sure that children are safe when they surf the Internet?
  9. Discrimination. Do you think that the judges apply severe punishments for certain categories of people?
  10. Prisons. Many people are unsatisfied that prisoners are supported with public funds.
  11. Community service. Can this be a way to reintegrate criminals into society?
  12. Social norms. What is the public opinion regarding released criminals?
  13. Pro-bono lawyers. Should they be paid by the government?
  14. Life sentences. Many people think that this punishment is too severe.
  15. Legalization of drugs. Can this be a danger for the next generation?
  16. Legal prostitution. Prostitution is present in any country, even if it is illegal. Can this be a positive step?
  17. Psychological support for abused children. Should it be offered by schools or government?
  18. Bribe. Are people entitled to receive extra money for the services that they offer, or it should be considered a crime?
  19. Political crimes. Is this more severe than any other offence?
  20. Drunk driving. The drivers who drink should be put in jail, or it is something innocent that should be forgiven?