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A List Of College Essay Topics To Avoid: 10 Examples To Keep In Mind

Your college essay goal is to show how you are different and to display how you will be able to enhance the college you attend. If you are going to show that you are unique and that you will have a positive impact on the school, you will want to avoid any title that is remotely cliché. Avoid these ten essay topics:

  1. Your community service project-while it is great that you have a project that will help the community; most high schools now require the graduates to have one. So discussing something that students are required to do will not make your stand out from other candidates.
  2. How your family was successful-the fact that your family is successful is certainly nice, but the paper needs to be about you. It should not be about the accomplishments of your grandfather.
  3. How you lived through a disaster-if you lived through a disaster you have indeed accomplished something great. But this topic is too broad and the focus will be on the disaster not on you. This topic would be difficult to pull-off successfully.
  4. How you bounced back from an injury-if you were able to recover from a sports’ injury, congratulations. But the fact your body healed correctly is not the best essay topic choice. The focus needs to be on your unique characteristics, not how well your bones mend.
  5. Your mission trip-a mission trip is great example of giving, but the focus will be on the trip, not you. Now if you created and set-up a mission trip, that would be a good subject.
  6. Your hero or role model recap-your favorite hero or role model has nothing to do with you. The paper has to focus on you.
  7. The touchdown or goal you made to win the game-do you know how many high school athletes made the winning score? A lot of people did. Pick another topic.
  8. Your good grades-most students applying for college have good grades. This does not make you unique at all.
  9. Your first car-you are the focus of the paper not the new car that you have. This is not a good topic at all. You end up looking materialistic if you pick this one.
  10. Your favorite vacation-vacations are great fun, but they are not suitable for college essay topics.