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A List Of Great Persuasive Essay Topics On The Movie 2012

The movie 2012 has, perhaps, expressed an underlying belief in all of us. The belief that end of the world is near and governments are plotting to save only a select few. Many controversial ideas are expressed in this movie. Here are 10 persuasive essay topics that can be derived from this film:

  1. Take care of Earth while we have it
  2. We often take the Earth for granted as we go about our daily lives. We all contribute to pollution and damage the earth in one way or the other so we should take a rain check on our activities.

  3. Governments have the best interest of humanity in mind
  4. Our leaders have a hard task seeing to the needs of many people and more credit should be given to them, even without a tragic disaster taking place.

  5. Science should be encouraged
  6. In the event of a catastrophe, scientists and engineers are often the unsung heroes. As a population, we should seek to encourage the development of more scientists and engineers.

  7. Religious and cultural predictions should be taken more seriously
  8. There are many non-secular groups that ridicule the claims made by religions and ancient cultures. This practice should be stopped since these groups possess valuable knowledge.

  9. Altruism is the best quality of humans
  10. It can be surprising when an individual makes a personal sacrifice to ensure the well being of another. This trait of humanity should be given more recognition.

  11. We are ready for any global disaster
  12. As a species we have made many advancements in technology and are quite confident in our ability to survive in the event of any natural disaster.

  13. The end can also be a beginning
  14. The world as we know it can come to an end at any time, but this can also pave the way for a new, different world.

  15. Race, gender and class are insignificant
  16. When a catastrophe of global magnitude occurs, the effects are felt by all, regardless of who you are.

  17. Human bravery should not be underestimated
  18. In dire situations the most unexpected hero can emerge when needed the most. Humans have great potential that will only be expressed when the situation calls for it.

  19. We are not special in the universe
  20. Various religions and cultures believe that we were put on earth by a divine creator. One cosmic scale disaster can change this belief so we should all learn to appreciate our insignificance in the universe.