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A List Of 12 Most Interesting Law Essay Topics For College Students

Students in college need to attempt different academic assignments depending upon the instructions from their teachers and the grade they are studying in. If you are in school or college, one of the most assigned tasks you will experience is essay writing. This task is common and easier as compared to others because the structure and format of these papers stay the same. You would need to attempt several types of assignments like argumentative, descriptive, narrative, comparison, analysis, informative or response. You will edit and alter the topic and body of your paper according to the type you are following.

If you are to create a winning essay on business law, then you will have to choose a strong title for your paper. The title needs to be engaging and original so that you can hook your audience through it. An engaging title means something that will develop the interest of your audience and help them build curiosity to continue reading the rest of your assignment. The title of your work should be original which means it needs to be something no one has discussed before. You do not have to copy the ideas from other writers, rather you have to create a paper that discusses a unique aspect of the subject. This will give you the chance to express your ideas and create a winning paper. Those topics are usually most engaging that represent a problem and address it in the body. You should think of a significant problem that no one has yet discussed so that you can address it in your paper

Here are some ideas to consider for creating an interesting law essay topic, you can alter and edit them based on your preferences

Topics to consider for law essay

  1. Smoking and tobacco products should be banned
  2. Prostitution legal or not
  3. Legalizing medical marijuana and its impacts on the teenagers
  4. Is the legal drinking age what it should be
  5. Nuclear weapons should be banned in the entire world for everyone
  6. Gun control laws and ammunitions should be controlled and revised
  7. Should teen age girls have the access to buy birth control pills on their own
  8. Putting drugs as illegal creates higher monopoly and black market
  9. Should virtual business have legal permits
  10. When is abortion acceptable according to the law
  11. Public law
  12. Medical law