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Writing An Opinion Essay On The Problem Of Smoking

This article will give you some easy hints on writing an opinion essay on the problem of smoking. Getting into creating this style of paper can get involved. I have read numerous articles on this subject matter. The steps seemed to be vague. See if these make it clear.

  1. The fact that there is the thesis makes the rest simple to explain. Research is the next step. The writer must dig deep enough to come up with enough information to defend their point of view on the subject. Go through the process of eliminating the boring, run on material.
  2. Pick five of the best sections of research and set them up as your topic sentences. This will give you organization on where to place your information. Take the two strongest topic sentences and place one on first paragraph. The second should be placed at the last paragraph. This will strategically set up the flow of the paper.
  3. Your defense will be important. It will show how serious you took the matter. Practice answering what you think will be questions the audience will ask. It will be impressive showing you put thought and effort on the subject. The next set of questions will help your point of view. Ask the audience questions that can only lead to your side of the opinion. Getting them to answer the questions that sway to your side will only strengthen your work.
  4. Practice your presentation for all the positive things. Your attitude should be one of confidence. It should show you know your information. You should not come across like a know-it-all. Your appearance is another part of the presentation the audience will notice. You have put a lot of effort to that point. Do not let how you look spoil that. Make sure your clothes are clean, and pressed. Always keep a smile on your face. The audience will pick up on any doubt you may have through facial expressions.
  5. Have a couple of friends read your paper out loud. See if they can tell you what the paper is supposed to be saying. This hint is simple but not always taken. Have fun. Show the audience you know the material and had a good time completing the paper. Remember that everyone involved with the process knows about the material.

Opinion essays can be very useful if you are trying to get information on a particular subject out that may be controversial. If you want to get immediate help on how to create one of these opinion helps you can do so by going here.