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Being A Drunk Is Not A Crime

Many people across the world use alcohol. Studies have depicted that more than 80% of the world population take alcohol and other related substances. However, the law on drinking varies from state to state. In the majority of the states, being drunk is not a crime and, therefore, one is required to be careful when taking alcohol and other substances. This paper will analyze the various instances when being a drunk is not a crime.

People abuse alcohol for their own intentions. Others take it in order to pass information which could have been held for long without release. However, the governments of various states require individuals to be responsible for their actions, whether they had conscience during the time of the offense or not. Other states determine on the intent and state of the mind of the individual during the time of the offense.

In other cases, if a crime is committed when the individual is not in the actual senses, the person is not held responsible for the offense. This is because the person could have been intoxicated during the time of the crime. For the person to be held responsible, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant had committed the crime without consent. Additionally, it depends on the intent and the type of the law that is required to charge the individual.

Being a drunk is not a crime because many people do not drink in order to commit crimes. Some take alcohol in order to relieve themselves of the situations that they are undergoing, as others take alcohol involuntarily. This has been viewed as the defense in a number of crimes. However, the police should ensure that intoxication is open to dispute in order to gain the truth of the matter.

People take alcohol and other related drugs without knowledge of the underlying situations such as crimes. Therefore, being a drunk is not a crime because a drunkard is likely to lose control over his conduct. Since the law on drinking varies from state to state, it is necessary to judge an individual in accordance with the law. If an offense was committed in the control of alcohol or other related drugs, then it is likely that the individual was unaware of the crime. People can have total control of their actions if crimes are committed with conscious. In other words, people can be intoxicated without their consent; hence being drunk is not a crime.