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20 Good Essay Writing Prompts For College Students

Writing an essay follows a basic format whatever level you are working at. The major difference between a high school and college paper is the depth of information that must be provided. At college, you are expected to know more. Therefore, the work you produce must contain more detail.

Basic essay technique

A few ideas to get you started

  1. Is a constitutional amendment necessary to make same-sex marriage legal?
  2. Should Obese people pay more for their health insurance?
  3. Would a salary for stay-at-home mothers decrease juvenile delinquency?
  4. Would legitimizing organ sale put the black market out of business?
  5. Is 21 too high a legal drinking age? Should it be lowered to 18?
  6. Are exams a valid assessment of knowledge?
  7. Is ‘Gap Year’ between high school and college a sensible form of education?
  8. Are the working practices in the modern world bad for the health of the workforce?
  9. What is it about cars that induce such anger from people behind the wheel?
  10. Should a person with social anxiety be excused presentation assignments?
  11. Under what circumstances is breaking the law acceptable?
  12. Should advertising be more truthful?
  13. Are quotas helpful in breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ for corporate jobs?
  14. Does poverty increase criminal activity?
  15. Do violent shows on television increase violence in society?
  16. Would banning credit cards help with debt?
  17. How is acid rain a problem?
  18. Should more be done to encourage recycling?
  19. Is the budget for space exploration justifiable?
  20. How do ‘sweatshops’ damage the clothing industry?