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Expert Tips For Constructing An Outline For A Personal Response Essay

A personal response essay is one of the few essays that can be written in the first person. There are very few assignments that are allowed to be written this way. This kind of writing is one of the first assignments many classes begin with so the instructor can gauge your ability to analyze and express your thoughts. Any type of writing assignment will be more successful if you use an outline first. Here are some expert tips for constructing an outline for a personal response essay:

  1. The first thing you need to do is read the piece of material. The second thing you should do is to re-read the piece. It is difficult to write this type of article unless you thoroughly understand what you are reading. You need to write down your first impression of the piece immediately after you read it. Honestly write down what you felt after you read it the first time. Your first impressions are usually pretty profound. The second time through, be more critical of the writing and look for specific examples of why you felt how you felt the first time through.
  2. Once you have done this, you are ready to write your outline. Your outline needs to include the paragraphs that will be included in your essay. Usually one for the introduction, 2-3 for your body, and then one more for your conclusion so you will have 5 roman numerals, at least, in your outline.
  3. The first roman numeral with be for your introduction. The introduction of this type of essay will start with the name of the piece of writing and the author. The last sentence will be what your overall thought, you thesis, was. Your thesis in your opinion of the writing or how the article made you feel.
  4. The following three numerals will be your supporting evidence for how you felt. You need to list three separates instances in the article of how or why these parts made you feel that way.
  5. Your last roman numeral is your conclusion. This is where you restate how you felt after reading the article and then tell everyone how the piece may have had some effect on your overall outlook on your life.

You will be writing many of these in your scholastic career so if you want more specific information or many some samples, check this site out.