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Basic Tips On Writing An Argumentative Essay On Death Of A Salesman

If you need to write a winning argumentative essay on Death of a Salesman, but do not know where to begin, the following tips can be quite useful for you.

  1. Research your topic.
  2. Knowing in general that you need to write about the Death of a Salesman, you need to focus on a particular researched problem. It’s a very important step, because you need to know which opinions exist regarding the problem, and what your point of view is. You can try searching for relevant literature in libraries, the Web, or speak to a specialist in the topic. While collecting the information, you need to gather as many proofs of your opinion as possible. Confirm your point of view on the problem with other specialists’ research or, probably, opposite points of view.

  3. Develop your thesis statement.
  4. This is the main idea of your essay, which you are going to prove in each paragraph of your work. You don’t have to agree with it, your task is to collect a number of proofs that confirm this point of view. By the way, it can be an interesting experiment to see, whether you can prove the statement that is opposite to your own opinion. For example, if you are sure that Willy shouldn’t have committed suicide, try to prove a point of view, in accordance to which this was the only way out the poor man had.

  5. Determine your focus.
  6. Make sure that you have determined the focus of your work in such a way that readers won’t miss it.

  7. Always be ready to fight back.
  8. You need to keep in mind the most probable and even the least obvious arguments of the opposite side. Give attention to the opposite point of view, using the strongest arguments to prove that it lacks sense or that your point of view is more sensible.

  9. Choose the strongest arguments.
  10. When proving your position, choose the strongest arguments that can be confirmed by the point of view of other specialists in the same area. When you provide a statement, be ready to confirm it with quotations that belong to known researchers of the same problem. Always provide a statement and follow it with a quote, not vice versa. Make sure that you mention all the authors of quotes that you use in your essay. If you don’t mention somebody, it can be treated as an attempt of plagiarism, which is being severely punished in academic papers.