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Writing An Effective Essay On How To Improve Human Understanding

To write an effective essay on the improvement of human understanding, you must first have a basic knowledge of the philosophical, psychological, and neurological components that make up our brain’s ability to understand things like sight, touch, smell, differentiating colors (simple ideas) and causes/effects (complex ideas). Also the primary and secondary qualities that other people have which allow us to identify them by things as simple as shape and visual appearance or on a deeper level, by the feelings or sensations that are incited by their presence.

Types of knowledge

There are many philosophers and scientists that have written texts on human understanding who argue that the basis of human knowledge is experience while others argue that we are born with some innate knowledge such as that of a God or knowing that if something is happening, it’s because it is supposed to happen and that the simple ideas (as briefly mentioned above) are the fundamental values behind the complex ideas. We must first understand scent and sight before we can understand reasoning and rationalization. The basic idea is that there are three different grades of knowledge. Intuition being the highest, demonstration (showing others that we know something) is in the middle, and sensitive knowledge. All of these ‘types’ of knowledge interact differently with each other and with different types of qualities and ideas.

Understanding relationship

Another thing to consider is the relationship between the primary and secondary qualities (also previously mentioned,) that exist in the world around us. From a familiar scent reminding you of a specific time in your life to a sound or a song or word causing you to experience ‘deja vu,’ this relationship is essential to improving human understanding, especially in our current world which is so ruled by technology and less by actual interaction with other people that we are more likely to lose touch with those senses.


Most importantly, however, is language. The words that we use to clearly define objects and people aren’t necessarily, outwardly recognizable but are more based on our ideas of those things, ideas that were defined for us centuries ago, and this goes for every spoken language, the words were created based on the understanding of the people and objects that were being named.

With this very basic knowledge of early human understanding, we can continue to learn and grow and try to find ways to bridge cultural and linguistic barriers as well as emotional barriers that serve mostly to incite fear or disagreement because of a mere lack of understanding. An effective essay on this topic needs to be based on firmly held and respected ideas, and it needs to end with a well-rounded suggestion that encompasses language, knowledge, and belief.