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How To Make An Effective Introduction For An Essay: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

An introduction is an essential part of your essay. In fact, some people might argue that it is the most important paragraph of the whole paper, because rather often it determines whether the audience gets interested enough to continue reading. As the purpose of this section is to provide your readers with some general information about the essay and get them craving for more, you need to put a lot of thought and effort into creating a truly attention grabbing piece.

In order to write an introduction like this, you should take the following steps:

  1. Do some research and develop an outline for the paper.
  2. It’s mandatory for the introduction to include a short summary of the essay. Therefore, it’s usually best to write it after you complete the initial draft. If this isn’t possible, you should at least develop the outline of your paper. This way, you will know what exactly will be included in the actual text.

  3. Provide some background information.
  4. An introductory paragraph should start with introducing the topic of your research. Provide a bit of general background information first and narrow it down gradually to the point where you will introduce your thesis statement.

  5. Develop a research question.
  6. Your essay must be educational in some way, so it has to answer an important question of some sort. The answer to this question is your thesis statement, which you need to present in the introduction. This sentence must introduce your main idea so that the readers can understand what you are trying to achieve with your research.

  7. List some of your ideas.
  8. The thesis statement tells what you are trying to achieve, but you also need to let the readers know how you are going to do this. Please note that you need to be careful when you choose what information to disclose. Offer a few highlights, but don’t include a detailed recount of your main ideas. If you do, there will be no point for people to read further than the introduction.

  9. Mix in an attention grabber.
  10. Think of something that will “hook” your readers, like a shocking fact or an interesting quote. Integrate this attention grabber into the beginning of the introductory paragraph. Your main objective here is to make the audience interested enough to continue reading the intro.

Remember, keep the introduction short. This section must only hint at how good the paper actually is. If you make it too long and detailed, people will get bored right from the start.