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How To Write An Essay About Yourself In 45 Minutes

Writing an essay about yourself is not really a tough job, if the topic is of your choice. When you are supposed to write about yourself, then it is really very interesting. Try to be specific and precise. Your style and tone should be friendly and expressive. Try to follow the present tense and personal pronoun I. Following are tips and instructions for creating a simple and easy paper. It is more like a personal essay. You would also have to write about yourself in application paper for admission purposes.

  1. Start with an introduction, or your thesis statement. Summarize yourself in this paragraph.
  2. Add three of your top favorite things for example, dance, reading and your favorite sport (cricket or football)
  3. Tell about three of your top favorite personalities
  4. Three things that you do not like. You can also tell about your weaknesses.
  5. Support your thesis statement with the help of supporting ideas with a topic sentence on each paragraph.
  6. In the last paragraph, try to summarize your paper. Do not miss any of the important point. Your introduction and conclusion is the basic extract of your paper. You should concentrate here.

Time division

Give 10minutes to your introduction and similarly give 10 minutes to your conclusion. Now you are left with 25 more minutes. Leave 5minutes for your proofreading session or revision. You still have 20 minutes to tell about yourself. You can explain yourself, your liking and disliking in three paragraphs. You are now left with the body of 3 paragraphs and 20 minutes. Give no more than 7 minutes to each paragraph.


Proofreading is very much important. Give a five minute reading to your paper and correct all those mistakes that you find in it.

Follow these simple steps and you will really create an excellent piece of writing. Keep on practicing this paper. Because it is going to help you a lot in admission papers and application papers. This will also give you a chance of improving your writing skills and yourself off course. When you will analyze yourself, you will get a better idea of your personality and you will work on it to improve your personality. This way, you will overcome your weaknesses and will become a better person soon.