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A List Of Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics For 5th Year Students

Persuasive essay writing may be considered a tricky form of writing. You have to convince or persuade readers into seeing things from your point of view. It is easy to do this when you select the write topic. Your topic selection should be something you know enough information that could give others something different to see about the subject matter. That element can help you win them over. Here are a few points to consider for selecting a topic along with sample persuasive essay ideas.

How a Good Topic Helps Develop a Good Persuasive Essay

The right topic will help you write a great persuasive essay. This is because you are able to present content from a standpoint you understand clearly. Your topic selection is based on interest. A topic of interest gives you more control in how to be persuasive with your content. When the topic is something you have had a direct influence with, or you have completed extensive studying about, your essay is more likely to reflect details people may not have noticed even if they are familiar with the subject matter.

Example Essay Papers are Just as Useful

Example papers are great writing tools and they can help spark creative ideas for topics. Such example papers can be found through academic paper databases and professional writing agencies. You are able to learn about different angles to write or create a topic from. In many cases just reviewing topics people have written about gives students’ confidence they are able to find something suitable for their writing needs.

10 Possible Ideas for Persuasive Essay Writing to Encourage Ideas of Your Own

When considering ideas think about something fellow students would be interesting in reading about. Here are 10 potential ideas for your writing assignment to review.

  1. Should kids have cellphones in class?
  2. Should driving age be lowered?
  3. Should students earn money for good grades?
  4. Are uniforms necessary for school?
  5. Should violent video games be played by young students?
  6. Should girls be allowed to play sports played only by boys?
  7. Should fast food restaurant options be made available to students for lunch?
  8. Should digital devices such as MP3 players be allowed in class?
  9. Should Wi-Fi be available everywhere for free?
  10. Should exotic animals be kept as pets?