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A List Of Powerful Cause And Effect Essay Topics On International Law And Politics

The world today can seem a like a great big jumble of happenings with no clear beginning and end. This might make writing a cause and effect paper on international law and politics seem quite difficult. But rest assured, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and for every happening (effect) there is at least one cause you can point to in order to make a great argument in your essay. If you need some help, take a look at the topics below and see if anything sounds like a good subject to discuss.

  1. Global Economic Instability Leads to universal rate jumps in crime and terrorism activity.
  2. Explore how when people are hungry or out of work, it can lead to a domino effect in society across the world.

  3. Globalization leads to the larger marketplace that in turn leads to greater competition.
  4. Explore whether this is really true or whether this is, in fact, a good thing.

  5. More gadgets make more e-Waste leading to the need for an international treaty to handle all of it.
  6. The fact that more gadgets lead to more e-waste isn’t a secret, but how should this be handled and how do you think it’ll all wind-up?

  7. Will an international timber organization save what’s left of the world’s forests?
  8. Would it lead to greater conservation efforts?

  9. How did the UN lead to a more peaceful and stable world or how did it not?
  10. Explore the origins of the organization and what has transpired since.

  11. How has America’s intervention in South and Central American Politics affected the region?
  12. This is a meaty and tricky one! You can make a lot of different arguments, so go for it!

  13. Did Nafta lead to the type of international growth it intended when it began 20 years ago?
  14. This has been a big question since its inception. If not growth, what has it led to?

  15. How did the Women’s movement and subsequent expectation of Women’s rights in the U.S. lead to similar movements across the world?
  16. Did women in other parts of the world become affected by the rights they heard about in America? How is it working out for them?

  17. How are scandals in our leadership viewed through the prism of other countries’ mores and how does that affect their view of the United States?
  18. Do other countries see our leadership as messy when there’s a scandal, or do they see the media as attack dogs? How does this affect their view of us as a whole?

  19. How will the normalization of relations with Cuba affect the Island nation’s economy and standard of living?
  20. How will this lead to huge change after over half a century of cold relations?