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The Argumentative Essay Structure: 4 Aspects To Consider

Very often you try to convince your colleagues to believe in a certain idea, but you notice that you don’t make any progress. You either don’t bring enough arguments or you don’t sound convincing enough; either way, something is not right. To evolve in this aspect, you have to learn how to make a good argument. Writing argumentative essays is a good thing and it will help you tremendously. The first thing you need to know? How to create a good structure:

  1. Keep the introduction short, but exciting. This is the part that can attract readers or make them step away from your composition. You have to pay special attention to it and know exactly how much information to reveal. Naturally, you have to give some details about the subject. In this situation it’s best to talk about how much this means to you, why you support this idea and how it can help others.
  2. Give some general information. In this essay you want to convince others to believe in a certain idea or concept, right? Well, then you will have to make sure that they know at least the basics about this thing. Otherwise, no matter how good your arguments are they will still be confused and forget everything you said in the next minute.
  3. Don’t reveal everything from the beginning. This is a mistake that many students do, and this can compromise your entire work. For sure you prepared some nice arguments for this composition, but why write them right in the introduction? Keep them for the body of the composition where you have plenty of space to give more details and evidence. Also, make sure that every idea is written in a single paragraph; don’t try to make a complicated composition by combining more ideas, because it will become a chaos.
  4. The conclusion is vital. Yes, even the last piece of the composition is very important. In the end you have to summarize what you wrote in the rest of the text, and put it in a nice, memorable form. There are studies that show that people remember better the beginning and the end of a composition, so take advantage of this. You can use big words, you can even make a joke as long as all this is relevant to the subject and it looks good on paper.