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Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci is perhaps the most talented person that has ever lived. He is said to be a genius. His ability to do things was amazing. He lived between April 1452 and May 1519. He was born in Florence to Piero Da Vinci. His mother was not married by the time she got pregnant and gave birth to Leonardo. Since his mother could not afford to take him to school, Leonardo was taught by Florentine in his studio. Verrocchio was a renowned painter of their time. Leonardo Da Vinci spent most of his early life in Milan working for Ludovico. He then worked in Bologna, Venice and Rome. His last stay in France was in his home given to him by Francis.

Leonardo Da Vinci the Painter

Leonardo was a talented person. He did many things and did not feel or find any contradiction between all of them. He was a painter, artist, scientist and an inventor at the same time. Despite being endowed in different areas, most of Leonardo’s achievements are from his painting works. His paintings posses great levels of quality and have been studied by students to find some painting styles. He had great innovation techniques which he use when laying paint. He had great knowledge in geology, light, botany and anatomy. All these were his major assets and through a combination of this knowledge he was able to do paintings that have earned him great respect in that field. His great skills are quite evident in his most famous paintings; the Last Supper, Virgin of the Rocks and Mona Lisa.

Reputation and Fame

Leonardo was famous in his life time and even in his death. He was and is still respected for the special abilities that he possessed. It was difficult to believe that a single person could be that much talented. His life was however not in the lime light and up to today there are only speculations about most of his private life. Questions about what he believed in and what made him that great has not found answers up to date. Leonardo was great that the King of France treasured him so much. Even in the old age of Leonardo, the king supported him a lot. The king’s respect for Leonardo was so much that he held him in his hands during his death. Pictures of Leonardo are still printed in T-shirts today. This is a clear indication of the kind of respect that Leonardo commands.