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William Blake

William Blake was an artist and a writer of the 19th century. William Brake was famously known for his romantic influential figure in his artistic work. Many artists and writers have been greatly influenced by his writings and as a result, he has been considered as an original thinker and the main poet.

William Blake was born in the Soho district of London in England on 28th, November 1757. His mother taught him at home and only attended school briefly. William Blake received Philosophical inspiration from the bible which remain his lifetime influential source.

In his childhood, William Brake started to see visions. Henry Crabb Robinson, a close friend to William Blake and a journalist argue in his writing that when William Blake was age of 4 years saw the head of God through the window. Additionally, Henry Crabb Robinson proclaimed that Blake saw a tree full of angels as well saw prophet Ezekiel under a tree in his visions. Blake visions have got a lasting impact on his writings and art.

William Blake Artistic Ability

The artistic ability of William Blake became apparent in his childhood. At the age of 10 years, William Blake joined Henry Pars’s school of drawing where he used prehistoric statues plaster casts to sketch the figure of the human. The master of Blake was an engraver who took him to Westminster Abbey where he made drawings of monuments and tombs. This was the root of the Blake’s lifelong influential gothic romantic art.

William Blake began to gather old prints of artist such as Raphael and Durer who had fallen out the fashion. Blake really criticized artists who made attempt to develop a style in contrast to Durer and Raphael or the old fashion. However, William Blake rejected the 18th century styles of literature, in preference to the Elizabethans (Jonson, Spenser and Shakespeare) and the historical poems in its place.

William Blake Success

William Blake completed training at age of 21 years and worked as a copy engraver on projects for printers and book publishers. As a way to formulate his profession as a printer, Blake was enrolled at Royal Academy School of art and designs in 1780, where he started to exhibit his own artistic abilities. It is during this time when his artistic abilities came into reality. William Blake published a collection of poems, Poetical Sketches which he had written prior.

William Blake incorporated distinctive religious and philosophical believes in his entire life and broadly used them in his engravings and poetry. Blake wrote 1000s of poems. William Blake died in 1827 after suffering undiagnosed recurring bouts. Blake left a legacy as a captivating man with extra artistic gifts.