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20 Examples of Outstanding Illustration Essay Topics

What is an Illustration Essay?

The best way to explain what an Illustration essay is, is with an example. Imagine, you have just gotten home from school and a downtrodden look on your face. Your mom is in the kitchen and she asks you, “What’s wrong?”, as you would expect her to do. You respond, “I didn’t do too well on that Science test we studied together for—I know I got a good portion of the questions wrong.” You log onto your school’s website and see your grade has been posted, you did not pass.

What just happened there? You presented your issue—a downtrodden mood and you provided support, explaining you did not feel you did well on your science test. You then provided data to support your claim, confirming you did not earn a passing grade. You will handle an illustration essay in a very similar fashion. You will present your topic, outline your main points, and then support these with examples and research.

Here’s a sample outline to help you visualize it:

  1. Introduction
    • Hook for readers
    • Thesis statement: I believe __(main idea)__ is the most successful _(main idea)_ because of __(first example of support)__, __(second example of support)_ and _(third example of support)_.
  2. Body Paragraph 1
    • Present first example of experience to illustrate main point
    • Elaborate
  3. Body Paragraph 2
    • Present second example of experience to illustrate main point
    • Elaborate
  4. Body Paragraph 3
    • Present third example of experience to illustrate main point
    • Elaborate
  5. Conclusion

Check out these samples to get some good ideas flowing!

Examples of Outstanding Illustration Essay Topics

  1. Successful Study Habits & Their Effect
  2. Duties of Postal Worker & Tales
  3. Oldest Building in Your City & Proof
  4. Quickly Write an Essay & Practiced Methods
  5. Communicating While Abroad & Tricks
  6. Alcoholism & Motives/Causes
  7. Fast Food Consumption & Reasoning
  8. Stem Cell Research & Experiences
  9. Pet Care & Advantages
  10. Gay Marriage & Testimonials
  11. Places to Visit & Trips
  12. Seasonal Jobs & Success Story
  13. Types of Wine & Positive Information
  14. Social Networking & Benefits
  15. Creative Education & Progress
  16. Party Planning & The Ultimate Party
  17. Best Job & Experience
  18. Dressing for Interview & Thinking
  19. Decriminalizing Drugs & Statistics
  20. Social Media & Relationship Effects

With these twenty topics in mind do you feel inspired? Maybe one of our topics sparked your interest or maybe you have thought of your own, unique topic. Either way, as long as you pick something unique with research to support—you will be on your way to success!