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15 Popular Discursive Essay Topics You Can Handle

In a discursive essay, you should present two different positions on some subject and then choose your side. It’s advisable to be as objective as possible when writing such a paper. Many students have difficulties with picking topics for discursive papers. If you cannot come up with a good idea, you may select a topic from the list below.

Topics to Choose from

  1. Is grammar important in a conversational language?
  2. Does the number of crimes increase because of immigration?
  3. Premarital sex: a sin or useful experience?
  4. Can the Confederate flag be considered a sign of racism?
  5. Does a dress code affect the performance of students?
  6. Can a person become successful without a college or university degree?
  7. Should preteens be prohibited to play video games?
  8. Is freedom of religion a good thing?
  9. Will banning pop machines from schools prevent child obesity?
  10. Should families with more than one child pay additional taxes?
  11. Is cyber bullying a serious problem?
  12. Is online shopping better than going to your local store?
  13. Does the lack of a parent affect the child’s sense of responsibility?
  14. Should cash be fully replaced with credit cards?
  15. Should zoos be shut down because of abusing animal rights?

Tips for Writing Discursive Essays

The key element of an excellent discursive paper is thorough research. You should obtain deep knowledge about the topic to provide your reader with objective and persuasive arguments. Consult your teacher on what sources you should use and take your time to conduct a good study.

Before you start composing your actual paper, you should outline it first. This will allow you to create a solid structure for your text. You may deviate from your initial outline during the writing process if you think that this will positively affect your paper, however.

When writing your essay, don’t forget to use transitions and topic sentences to make your text smoother and more understandable for the reader. Make sure that your text doesn’t sound subjective.

Always proofread your papers to find and eliminate mistakes. First of all, pay attention to spelling and grammar. However, you may also need to rewrite some sentences to make them more relevant to the topic.

Sources to Ask for Help

If you have difficulties with composing a discursive essay, you may visit a local academic center for consultations and sample papers. Some students also use services of professional tutors to improve their academic writing skills quickly and effectively.